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Wood pigeon Scotland: migration, hunting periods and techniques, hunting tradition.

Wood pigeon hunting in the land of Scotland is the one in which Sassetti Country Sports has gained the greatest amount of experience. He started with this type of hunting which, together with that of geese, brings together the important tradition of hunting in the Land of Scotland.

The presence of wood pigeon is very large and the daily work of the agency is to monitor the crops on which the large contingents of wood pigeon present in Scotland go to eat.

This is a hunt that is practiced for many months of the year and starts from February until April on the fields planted with turnips. From this hunt we then move on to the traditional spring hunt in which the fields of barley, wheat and peas attract the wood pigeons of Scotland.

After a hunting break in the months of May and June, we start again with summer hunting, from July to September, on the fields of rapeseed, peas, barley and wheat.

At all these times of the year, Scotland is able to guarantee excellent wood pigeons and unique entertainment.


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