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For many years we have been operating in Scotland, the hunting paradise!

Sassetti Country Sports is a small family business based in central Scotland.
For over 30 years we have made hunting our profession having had time over the years to gain great experience on the places and habits of the immense amount of wildlife that lives or transits in Scotland during the migration period.

Paolo Sassetti, founder of the company, is passionate about hunting and with his experience gained in the field, personally packs each hunting package to give his hunter customers the best possible hunting experience.

Paolo Sassetti has been permanently moving to Scotland for years to manage the abundance of wildlife directly from hunting places and in particular to better prepare his exclusive hunting areas and all the services related to reception, accommodation. and to the care of the hunter.



Goose hunting in Scotland is a magic for the quantity of occasions and the majesty of the garments.



The wood pigeon among the most present wild species in Scotland hunted for a good part of the year also to protect crops.



Waiting in the evening on various lakes that provide great emotions for those with excellent shooting skills.



Wild very present in Scotland particularly coveted. In these environments his hunting is of great satisfaction.


Mixed hunting with several game species is one of the traditional hunts practiced in Scotland, as these lands have always been abundant in game that can simply be put away by the passage of hunters. Mixed hunting in Scotland includes wild species such as pheasant, hare, rabbit, woodcock, snipe and there are never even a lack of various species of ducks when skirting streams or lakes.


In addition to the basic hunting packages designed for you, Sassetti Country Sports is able to satisfy those who wish to have a more varied hunting holiday in Scotland and not just a wild species or concentrated on a type of hunting.
It is therefore possible to request a personalized package that allows the days of the hunting holiday to satisfy more types of hunting, alternating them even during the day.

Based in Perthshire, the central county of Scotland, the heart of the nation.
Sassetti Coyntry Sports, has approximately 150,000 hectares of concessions.
In this very varied territory from an environmental point of view, our agency accompanies hunters clients to hunt all types of game.
We pay particular attention to the hunting of geese, wood pigeons, woodcock and mixed ducks.
To best meet the hunting demands Sassetti Country Sports manages areas of undisputed quality also in other counties of Scotland such as Stirlingshire, Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Our Bulgaria has been set up following a high quality standard for the hunts we practice and for the locations where our customers will stay, whether they are hunting lodges or hotels.
Hunting in Bulgaria offers many interesting perspectives but due to our experience gained in over 30 years of activity we have focused on some types of wild that are able to guarantee important hunting satisfactions for hunters. The woodcock in particular, in Bulgaria, is a hunt of great satisfaction for the canine hunter.

Romania is a land with a great hunting tradition.
Places that have always been popular destinations for hunting aquatic, ducks and geese, particularly profitable and which is achieved with efficient hunting techniques refined in Italy over many years.
But Romania is not just aquatic hunting, many wild species dear to Italian hunters abound. From the small migratory, larks, thrushes and cesena, to the sedentary with the partridge that is the queen of this hunting practice that really fascinates the hunter with the pointing dog.
In Romania we therefore operate for the hunting of these species and we use qualified and very experienced Italian personnel to accompany the hunters who also allowed us to identify the accommodation location in a well-equipped hunting house located in the Danube delta.


A hunting trip is an adventure that becomes a beautiful memory with a proper dose of good services.


For each species the recommended hunting period for the best hunting satisfaction.


Our hunting clients are first of all friends .... we offer them the best and here's what they say about us !!

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Our agency is based in Scotland and we deal with hunting directly on the territory. We collaborate for hunting in Eastern countries with prestigious hunting agencies with highly experienced local operators, who are able to satisfy all needs.


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