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Paolo Sassetti, an Italian, like many in Italy, began to approach hunting in a way that was to share the passion with other friends and make wildlife realities available to them where the beauty of the environments was combined with the availability of game.

This has led her to develop, from the very first professional experiences, skills relating to the wildlife management of the territory and hunting techniques, which have been consolidated in the management of wildlife areas for private hunting.

At the same time, on behalf of his Italian clients, he discovered and thoroughly explored the hunting reality of Scotland and remained fascinated by it, so much so that, with a subsequent choice of life, he decided to move with his family and become a citizen of this splendid land.

Today his experience in hunting management in Scotland exceeds 30 years in business and he has located the headquarters of his hunting agency Sassetti Country Sports in the Perthshire territory of central Scotland.

Sassetti Country Sports has the hunting management in Scotland alone of about 150,000 exclusive hectares of territory, operating all year round to manage and improve the already abundant presence of fauna and traditional huntable species: pinkfoot geese, Canadian geese, wood pigeons, woodcocks, ducks, pheasants and snipe.

The headquarters and residence in Scotland facilitate this activity.
Paolo Sassetti works throughout the year in continuous collaboration with the landowners where he exercises wildlife and hunting management.

At the same time, Sassetti Country Sports, thanks to the experience gained in welcoming groups of hunters and in hunting, continuously explores possibilities on new hunting destinations, which allow hunters clients to have other hunting experiences, in other countries, on other wild animals and with tradition and hunting techniques, different from those adopted in Scotland.

Currently it operates with prestigious collaborations for hunting on sedentary, woodcock, ducks and geese Bulgaria and Romania.


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