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Quail hunting Romania: migration, hunting periods and techniques, hunting tradition.

The quail is one of the great protagonists of Romanian hunting, as it is historically present in large quantities in the vast grasslands, especially in this Danubian nation.

Our customers who choose quail hunting, in the land of Romania always obtain great hunting satisfaction both for the quality of the game bag and for their dogs who have the opportunity to express themselves with a wild quail hunt, always demanding for the cunning of the little one. galliformes.

Quail hunting in Romania is practiced in the months of September and October with the possibility of making good game boxes and the staff of the agency knows perfectly the places where the migratory passage is concentrated.

Quail in Romania is not only hunting but it is also an attractive opportunity for those who own young dogs who need to see game for their hunting growth, to try their hand at real and crafty game.


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